Take A Closer Look at Metrolina Realty Company!!!

One of our primary goals at Metrolina Realty Company is to offer our associates an environment conducive to their complete development as real estate professionals. We seek to accomplish this by providing MRC associates with the resources they require for optimum productivity and efficiency. The following outlines some of the components we focus on to allow our associates to be the best they can be:

Training – At MRC, we’re committed to providing our associates with the critical information they require for peak performance. We feel that access to appropriate training is critical to meeting this objective.

Our orientation/training curriculum is offered to all newly licensed associates (as well as currently licensed agents that may require a refresher) and focuses on the practical aspects of the profession. In addition to our orientation training, we encourage and support the continuing education of each of our associates as a means of assisting them to achieve their individual goals.

Support – At certain times, everyone needs assistance in reaching his or her goals. The MRC approach ensures that our associates have access to the support and mentoring that they may require. Through MRC’s use of the broker/sales associate support structure, our associates can leverage the knowledge of more experienced MRC team member in conducting their professional activities. At any time, MRC associates can call on their mentoring associate for advice and guidance.

Technology – Metrolina Realty Company recognizes technology as a means for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our business, both at the organizational and individual levels. Because of this, we’ve integrated practical applications of "user-friendly" technology into our operations. In addition, we encourage and assist our individual associates to utilize technology, where it makes sense, to improve their productivity and accessibility to key information.

Business Processes – Predictable and repeatable results are a hallmark of Metrolina Realty Company. That’s why we spend a tremendous amount of time defining and documenting our standard operational procedures and processes. Through leveraging the experiences of both associates and management, we’ve attempted to establish and utilize a core of "best practices" within our firm. By doing so, we’ve avoided having to "re-invent the wheel" when confronted with the myriad situational responsibilities that comprise the practical day-to-day requirements of MRC sales associates.

If you’re a sales associate or broker, licensed in the states of North Carolina and/or South Carolina, we invite you to explore what Metrolina Realty Company has to offer. We believe that career opportunities within our organization are extremely compelling and we welcome the chance to discuss them with you.

We are looking for licensed real estate professionals to work on a full or part-time basis.

If interested, please send your resume by e-mail to bhbolds@metrolinarealty.com.